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This can apply to anything at all...It came to my mind because I was just on TBD when it went down for the last time. A very strange feeling. I suppose as we get older and older (arrrrgh) there will be more and more endings...So take it away.

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i hope against hope
what began on TBD
will far outlive it
generation 2
ning has given our haikus
a chance to write on
it is now over
23 years of marriage
trying not to grieve

looking at more now
beyond those years - family
new horizons wait
it is a new day
the world awaits each of us
giddyup, lets go
I grieve and yet not
Everything is a circle
I bite my own tail

denial & shock
bargaining & depression
anger ------------ > acceptance
morning follows night
beginnings follow endings
the circle of life
a revolving door
with a simple turn attains
entry and exit
over. done. gone. finit.
let's mourn what was and move on
adventures await!
The finale came
I heard the fat lady sing
Still I cried "Encore!"
nice touch, Lily Roth
just there: nice headstone -
not just the usual NO PAGE -
classy funeral.




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