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This can apply to anything at all...It came to my mind because I was just on TBD when it went down for the last time. A very strange feeling. I suppose as we get older and older (arrrrgh) there will be more and more endings...So take it away.

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I was hoping for
some miracle to rush in
but, no, just what it is
All these are lovely....
Each of you has left great thoughts!
I miss the kudos!
hear ya Dave
My index finger
Has a mind of it's very own
No where to click now

We the collective
Honour the other kindly
Attention is bliss

Thank You!
why can't you just get it
through your head it's over it's
over now Boz Scaggs
no more laughter left
the long halls are quiet now
gone, the altered boy
dark and still the night
sleep brings no relief to the
girl with dark blue eyes
the love of a friend
sweeps clean the halls of sorrow
can you feel me smile?
Oh, how evocative Yayoi! I feel it deeply.
There is nothing there
Where I saw mirages shine
Reflecting desire
oo oo - I can't resist!

on the black counter top ~

on the BLACK COUNTer TOP ~

the beat here suggests the hard and unyielding surface upon which the key rests . . .

in an empty kitchen ~

in an EMpty KITchen ~

the beat here contains the suggestion of an echo in an empty chamber, an empty room.

Nice. I like it!




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