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It’s a difficult year for the Arab Spring... Including here in America.

If the 2011 revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen were largely bloodless victories, they were clouded by the civil war in Libya and fears that building new democratic states could prove more difficult than toppling dictators.


Egypt's powerful military warned on Monday it will intervene if the Islamist president doesn't "meet the people's demands," giving him and his opponents two days to reach an agreement, as thousands of protesters massed for a second day calling on Mohammed Morsi to step down.


The secularists and Islamists who united to topple Mubarak fell out over a perceived power grab by new Islamist President Muhammad Morsi, leading to deadly violence between supporters of the two camps.  Secularists say the Islamist-dominated Constitutional Committee rushed through the constitution, which they say fails to protect women and minority groups.


Don’t we have the same problem here -- where a Tea-Party loaded Congress and SCOTUS fail to protect women and minority groups?


Religion, Sharia or Christian, it’s all the same.


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Imaginary friends can't die, the only thing left is that the idea died.

The current "God"/"gods" will be forgotten eventually, just like the gods of the peoples before us.  That's the problem with fairy tales and old wises tales, they can't survive modern scrutiny or the scrutiny of time.

Well, it is called myth, and they do survive, myths, that is, in part because they resonate, speak to the idea of belief and attempt resolve the unknown.  And yes, they are based on what was known at the time, the world around the people as they could see it and understand it.

One of the more interesting things in the current state of religion is interpretation.  Can most religious beliefs wrap their stories around what is known?  They can be amazingly flexible and will have to be, to put what we know is coming into context.

Chaos IS The natural state of reality. That's just the way it is. There are laws of physics that make a few things behave in certain predictable ways, but there is no driving, intentional force for "order" in the universe. We impose a smidgen of order on the world we inhabit, as a matter of practicality and convenience, but to run around believing that there's a grand Master Plan for the cosmos, put in place by an invisible man (who, though invisible, looks just like us), is evidence of nothing but a blind, consuming uneasiness/terror over one's own lack of any real control over reality, and a child's desire to "make sense" of the world.

Whenever I hear some religious flake trying to assure me that god has plans for the human race on a cosmic scale and that we are important and vital to the universe's destiny, I like to remind them that, according to their own holy book, their god already slaughtered all but a handful of the existing human race at least once - And the universe didn't blink. No stars exploded, no galaxies changed their courses through the void, the tides didn't re-arrange their eternal schedule, not a single grain of sand shed a tear.

The horror that occasionally crosses their face at that moment, to see how close they come to grasping the concept of their own true insignificance and the silliness of their most precious beliefs, isn't personally satisfying or enjoyable in any way; It more makes me sad to see the ferocious and pathetic need for a comforting fantasy that defines so many people, people who have utterly deluded themselves that they are rigorously rational, "intelligent" thinking beings, as well as being the most treasured possessions of a loving, just, merciful all-wise deity - Who would kill them all again, if a just a few of them sufficiently angered him yet another time.

Gentlemen:  The only fuckwit here is me.  Please refrain from calling anyone else a fuckwit, I will not tolerate it.  I take my title seriously.  Thank you for refraining from using the "F" words.

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