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Okay, new year, new projects! What are you working on?

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I am not working on any thing right now and probably won't until May or June.  I hope it won't be that long but for now it looks that way. 

Except that I may get the chance to learn how to make those new neck scarves that look like ruffles in one long string.  Hope to anyway. 

Me too, Sue, Things have just been so busy. but I'm eternally optimistic! Soon, I keep saying!

Ask and you shall receive!! That is beautiful!!! (sorry, I didn't realize you had already given us a picture!)  I love the edging color, it really sets off the rest of the piece!!

Here is what I am working on (sort of.) I composited 4 pics together to imagine what this might look iike - but I suspect it will be a bit different if I EVER get it off the needles!http://teebeedee.ning.com/group/creativeoutlets/forum/topics/it-s-2....

That's gorgeous! You're knitting that?

Good thing you can't see the rest of the living room. But I did make some progress on this.

This is gorgeous! I love the colors and it just feels like a sunny, happy place to lounge around! The baby will adore it!

Hi, Merry, Yes, trying to - My life has been so stressy lately - that I haven't had much knitting time,but I'm working on the last row and then I'll start an edging that will bind the sucker off. It won't look so hot when finished because I've made a bazillion mistakes, but I am anxious to have it off the needles!

Well, I'm finally on the edging of my "shawl" but calculating 2000 stitches on the needle times a 13 stitch edging, means 52,000 more stitches and I just don't see having that much yarn left. Uh oh!

Were you ever able to finish?  

Still working on it. I took a break cause I got tired of it. Here is a shot of it as it now stands:

You'd hardly know it was the same thing, would you?!

I'm 1/3 of the way around the edge.




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