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In about 24 hours from the time of this original posting, Jay leno will be back on TV to entertain the masses. Only this time around he got a challenge he have never face--indeed--no late night type shows host ever had to face...and that is competition with prime time. His show will air at 10 pm--and already on his first night one of the programs he will be competing against will be long time standing Monday Night Football.

The question is...will he be as successful with a 10 pm est spot, (and whatever time slot in your area), as he was with the Tonight Show. If u use to watch Jay Leno wil u watch him again? Every night? Or will u be standard with the shows you already watch during that time slot?

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He may be a nice guy. But I don't think he makes a good host. And I've got a sense of humor, but I just don't think he's funny. I never liked his stand up routines.
I knew he wouldn't want to be out of the spotlight. NBC is desperate for ratings. I give them credit for trying something new, but I don't see it working.
For those who like him, fine. I hope he does well. I just won't be watching.
I'll dvr it and watch it by myself while Kittycat's on tbd. I preferred Letterman with what little late night tv I watched. I'm interested in seeing what the show will be all about. Maybe he put that West fellow up to causing a stir at that awards show last night. Would that surprise any of you. His first show, he wants to get people to watch. There's nothing in the entertainment industry that would surprise me any more. Politics either, for that matter.
Ok--everyone-Fess up!!-who watched it?? And if u watched it--what did u think?

I watched bits and pieces of it..I didnt cafre much for the 'car wash' segment. Then Jay interviewed Kayne West...Kayne tried to appear like he was apologetic--but I don't know--to me he just looked like he just did not want to talk about his outlandish act at the MTV vidieo award!

As usual...Headline was hilarious.
Funny cuts and pastes.Jay "How many cars do you have?" Obama- "I own GM". LOL Watching it now...well, for now.
Whatever...his Momma would have smacked him upside his head! Was all of this just a pathetic attempt to get Jay's numbers up for his 1st show? {{{ Hey, let's watch Kanye be a prick on Sunday and then watch him on Jay on Monday}}}.
I never watched him either so not very much interested. Worked late tonight so was too tired to care about football tonight. Just dinner, a glass of wine and a massage! Besides the Ravens won on Sun Yeah!
Ravens? lol. Sorry, did I laugh out loud? If you want to have a great NFL season, become a steelers fan. My neice and her husband moved to Baltimore 2 years ago, I saw her last Sep. at another neice's wedding. I asked her, "you're not a Ravens fan now are ya?" She made me proud and said "Oh no, in fact there's a Steeler bar in Baltimore that they go to to watch the Steelers, tailgate partys and all. I'll bet there's a Steeler bar in every major city in the U.S. Have some fun this season MC, come on over.
I was not impressed.
We were pre-disposed to like the show but he's going to have to elevate his game quite a bit. The show had surprisingly little energy (although, even asleep, he's more dynamic than Letterman or, snooooooooooooooooze, Conan). The car wash bit was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long (If they had quit after the first bit, it would have been funny). The Obama bit was obvious and also not funny. As for Kanye West, who cares?

Tonight is Tom Cruise in The Green Challenge. For thos who have never seen it, it is borrowed directly from the BBC's Top Gear (on which Jay appeared). They have aq segment roughly entitled "Stars in a reasonably-Priced Car" and features a (hopefully) well-known person going around a test track in a Ford Focus (in this case, an EV). In the British version, they not only show the lap but also a closeup of the driver as well as the screwups. it's short and entertaining.

Overall, we were underwhelmed. he's got to do better




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