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Please take a moment to introduce yourself!  Perhaps you can tell us how you came to find TBD ~ and please feel free to ask any questions here too.
We will do our very best to help you settle in and be comfortable. 

If you are a former member just returning ~ please let us all know!

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Welcome Sir......just don't track snow in. I just cleaned the floors. Thank you

Howdy Y'all...   I am 54 year old man, Professional, Good job, and very Straight.  My hobbies are horses, camping and cowboy cooking.  And did I mention I don't get to do any of them near enough....  I have 7 grandchildren which I have dubbed affectionately "the G'Kids".  Oh well, that's my story for now.


Maybe more later... 

Hi everybody!


I been here since the previous TBD site went away. Stayed when this one seemed to be about to go away as I didn't feel like moving again. I am not here a lot, but enjoy reading the posts and picking up a friend or two along the way.

I enjoy mild music and train rides. I have two "kids", my son just completed his college degree my daughter is about to complete her's. I guess that is enough for now - Ray

Hahahaha. Hi Soulful - well many of us are still here at the "site of origin " ( love this :) (well put) and pop in and out .  It has been warming up here considerably of late - which bodes well for us all.  Welcome back! 


I couldn't agree more!



Hi DD!

I never really left either..........just didn't come around much...

I suppose the ones that venture here again are the ones who are ment to be together...

hope everyone is having a day filled with love and laughter

I've done so much moving in my life that it's beginning to feel natural :-)
DD !!! Kiss. LOL. Me too laughing - I mean  after all - it's like - our 4th or 5th time (if we include FB in all the manoeuvres to stay together)!!! Pretty cooool if one looks at it from Wendel's view point!
Yup. We be that 'fer sure DD!

It seems like every now and then a storm capsizes the ship and a number of us just keep washing up on some shore. I got word of the real reason in a personal e-mail directly from Chuck and the real story is not pretty nor does it concern those of us who were the antagonists on the MA Censorship board. In fact Chuck said in private that he liked what I said and called it informative. When I saw the real reason it pissed me off to see him treated like that by the real cause. Well, here's to setting up on an old shore!


Apposite ~ It is comforting to know that it is not all about disagreements - but that there is a more difficut set of reasons. Thank you for giving us a most discreet heads - up.   Good to have you here again.




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