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What are your thoughts on s.773, Cybersecurity Act of 2009 , introduced by Senator Jay Rockerfeller ?
Theories abound at this point . My SO interpets it as meaning the entire network will be shut down . I did not read it that way .

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Well...hey...U know??? We gotta protect our buying power!!!! I mean u wouldn't wanna have our enemies find out about more golden toilet seats being bought by Senators---would u?
Can you imagine all the pissed off people who couldn't get to their Farm Town on Facebook?
What I can imagine is a company like Monster [energy drink] responding to an internet call for boycott by interdicting the flow of information.

I use Monster as an example because they are sueing Rock Art Brewery over the name Vermonster - it's a beer, locally produced, and Monster feels that it is expedient to use the legal system to gain position over this small Vermont brewery. Legal experts claim Monster's suit is without merit, but it will be a significant burden for Rock Art to even respond, because to do so the legal fees begin at around SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

I'm not a beer drinker, and the entire topic of the suit itself is a bit off topic.

My point it that the Commerce Dept. really doesn't belong reviewing issues of cyber security because of what I perceive as an inherent conflict of interest -- that of business and their investment in expedience over the consumer's right to: truth in advertising, justice, and I'm sure a host of other issues as well.
Oh?? In that case--SHUT IT DOWN!! SHUT IT DOWN!!!!

j/k Boom!




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