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Some people like to do it early in the morning as a real invigorating way to start the day. Others like it better just before bedtime. Allows them to feel really relaxed afterwards and makes falling asleep  much easier.

Which do you prefer? Or are you one of the fortunate few who can engage  in and enjoy  it at anytime during the day?

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As often as possible...every other day.

Unless real life interrupts, then every day.

Has any one tipped off Masters and Johnson?
Maybe AARP....!
i can't comment...
No comment :-))

I am with Jaylee

I haven't yet today.

Better get on that soon...

Tomorrow will be the first time for me in over a week.

I'm anticipating getting my world rocked to the core.


(always the hussy, aren't I? '-)



Did it this morning. About to do it again.
Twice in the same day????
Women are blessed that way. ;)
Under the right circumstances....you betchya!!!




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