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......"I'm Such a Girl".............................


I've heard some of you ladies quote that phrase from time to time so now I want a definition.......what makes you a "Girl"?

Purse, clothes, hair style, bedroom, pet, shoes....what?

I was told to Google it, but I want to hear it from ya;ll!!!

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The definition of girly stuff just keeps evolving......
Just wait till some one brings up "waxing"....it'll bring tears to your eyes..    Not mine though, never did it, never will.  :-)

Good for you.

I had my eyebrows waxed once, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
I have nothing to add to this discussion. Carry on girls.
I could write a long disertation on panty lines.

Now I stated earlier that the thread of this thread wasn't exactly my strong point, and I wasn't gonna comment....but I just have to say.....

Welcome back, B A F!  Hope you had a nice vacation!

Thank you B A F......what beautiful scenery......and that water looks nice too!

BAF---I am so with you on the makeup. Particularly the eye makeup.

I see women with great eye shadow--that smokey eye is so sexy. But I fail miserably, by the time I'm through I look like a herion addict ;-)


I look like that w/o trying....


BAF....so nice to see you.   Cuba has some pretty ...beaches.

BAF!!!! Welcome back. You were missed. You need to write a blog to fill us in.




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