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......"I'm Such a Girl".............................


I've heard some of you ladies quote that phrase from time to time so now I want a definition.......what makes you a "Girl"?

Purse, clothes, hair style, bedroom, pet, shoes....what?

I was told to Google it, but I want to hear it from ya;ll!!!

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I know!

We don't have a KFC either.

Don't know why...we have every other chain known to man...

Taht's simply Un-Amurcan!!!

We have a fair amount of "real" Mexican restaurants so we didn't use the Taco Bell.

Same with the chicken, we have two places in town that make this unbelievably great fried chicken...KFC couldn't compete.

I also think both of them had issues with the Board of Health ...

You changed her Q right in the middle of the discussion. You must be very talented or good at multi tasking.

I'm a woman...of course I'm good at multi-tasking!

[I was just getting ready for St Patrick's Day]

Back to the "girlie" stuff....  Food thread is over --------->    ü
Yeah....ya'll reveal more girl stuff to us naive guys....:=)
Hey....alright!!! Even girls don't understand girls!!!!

Not even remotely!


I was driving past Walmart yesterday. I always drive by, never stop but that is not why I started this. A guy in a big ass SUV was pulling out. The sun was shining and his teeth showing. They were so white that they were almost blinding me. Definetly way two white. Now even close to natural. Why do people do that?
He may have been a game show host, or a local TV personality, or a used car salesman, P.A.  Me?  Heck, I just work with what I have.
I've noticed that even Larry the Cable Guy has those brilliant white teeth now, P.A.




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