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......"I'm Such a Girl".............................


I've heard some of you ladies quote that phrase from time to time so now I want a definition.......what makes you a "Girl"?

Purse, clothes, hair style, bedroom, pet, shoes....what?

I was told to Google it, but I want to hear it from ya;ll!!!

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Never wear shorts in public.

Me neither jaylee!
People think that's odd. I'm glad I'm not the only one :-)

I meant that doesn't wear shorts, I didn't mean to say you were odd or anything...


I wear shorts, but I'm not a "girl" so am I OK????



Totally understand...:-D


You're fine...passable even...:-D

WHEW!!! I was kinda worried.
OH CRAP!  Did you mean I'm a "passable girl" I get so confused.

Just checked...I'm still a girl..

I suspect you're still a guy.

The tool belt gave it away, didn't it?
I'm kinda loose with my dress code....weather permitting, I wear the shorts with the wife beaters.  If its a more formal event, though, I'll throw on a pair of black socks with the brown sandals.

Me, neither, Jaylee & Quinn! I haven't worn shorts in public in.....

I'd guess over 10 years. Maybe 12.


The way I love to flirt w/my man is definitely girlie. And I love it! 

My lovely pedicures are girlie.

And some of my shortcomings I refer to being "such a girl" about. Like not changing a tire.


Making mountains out of mole hills.


But I'm proud of some things about me that are NOT girlie, too.

I love DIY projects, particularly if they include using my very own power miter saw & hanging trimwork.

And I can climb up & down ladders & scaffolding like a monkey.

And I enjoy yard work, including cutting the grass.


I'm sucha girl that I had a very bad dream as a result of this thread.  I dreamed I was already at work and only had mascara on  one eye and it was really old and cakey ...and I was freaking out....very bad dream.
Hilarious.....That'll teach you not to wear it in the first place.




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