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......"I'm Such a Girl".............................


I've heard some of you ladies quote that phrase from time to time so now I want a definition.......what makes you a "Girl"?

Purse, clothes, hair style, bedroom, pet, shoes....what?

I was told to Google it, but I want to hear it from ya;ll!!!

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Are you as finger lickin' good as Colonel Sanders chicken?

So....there are only three qualifications......simple enough. I always thought ya'll were more complicated than that.

We are.

I am a total girl.

Except when I'm being a total guy...



I really have to go now...Back later.

I am afraid of mice and bats.

Bugs are icky.

No belching in public from me...or that other thing!

I cry at movies.

I like pedicures.

I like pearls.

I like High Heels.

I like perfume.

I love boys :-)


My clothes are pretty conservative, I think it's all those years of wearing a uniform to school. I don't do frills or ruffles or flowery things. It's what I do with the hair and the shoes and the jewelry that makes me girly looking ;-)


O, and handbags  are a whole other topic of conversation that I don't have time for right now ;-)

That sounds sorta like my vision.......can you change oil and filter in your vehicle???
Reply by Bob Stepp 49 minutes ago
That sounds sorta like my vision.......can you change oil and filter in your vehicle???

Of course not!
You silly boy...how could you even ask something like that...tsktsk
Just seeking information.
Well, let me know how this thread goes, Bob.  I wonder if a guy can still see and hear if his head has been handed to him on a platter?
Oh, yeah, if a woman speaks....he'll hear it.
Compliment (Click Me)We'll be gentle...promise.

Aside from what Quinn and Olivia  (really nice to see you BTW)  said so well;

I don't have cooties.

I talk in a higher voice around animals and babies.

I like wearing skirts.  I know some guys do too but....that ain't right.

Nail polish is pretty (most of the time).

I will not walk out of the house w/o my make up on.

Never wear shorts in public.

Have impeccable table manners...went to 'charm school'..no kidding.  :-D

On the flip/flop:

I don't mind mice, snakes, or spiders.

I like to hand wash my car.

I like to grill...who decided that was a "guy" job anyway?

I can reduce a vacuum to it finite bits and pieces and put it back together...and it will work...better!

I have a pretty nice tool box.   I walk into Home Depot and go "wow" look at all this cool stuff.

I would like to change my own oil but it would break a nail and that would completely ruin my day.


Sounds like a "guy's" girl to me.




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