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If You See A Tea Party, Don't Let Them Lure You Into An Argument, You'll Go To Jail & They'll Cheer!!

Guess there's no freedom of speech if you disagree with those against healthcare, who have their "tea parties" ...of course they have their permits to have their cheap homemade signs and yell at people going by...but PLEASE, IGNORE if you disagree.
The bait is set and you will be hauled away, threatened by police with tazers and cuffed, stuffed, while they cheer as you took the bait! Watch video below

Another one fell for it, Ha!
Oh, and I love this article, the man walked up shouting....the woman protesting and he were arguing....face to face. Love the way we treat our veterans!


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Don't get bagged by a tea bagger!
You know, if we identify the groups that are funding this kind of theater, we um, we actually could, you know, um, do things . . .

Let's get permits to sell tea bags at their rallies and give the proceeds for healthcare reform!
I am continually amazed at how these people think or more correctly don't think. The very people that would probably be helped the most by health care reform are the ones fighting it the most. At least in this case. I don't mean the big insurance companies and there millions of our premium dollars they are using to fight to keep their excessive profits.
I have a solution for that . . .




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