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I had a routine checkup this morning at the VA in Cleveland, (everything's great, I'm healthy as a horse). There you will find many crippled, old grey-haired veterans. It doesn't sound uplifting but it is. These people are smiling, talking and joking, it's obvious that they're grateful to be cared for. Their attitude is contageous. The attitude of the staff is just as uplifting, from janitorial, information people (the place is huge), techs, nurses and doctors.




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Update: I just did the VA Medical Benefits Calculator on their web site and according to my income and assets I am not eligible to receive benefits. I believe I am being punished for working hard all my life and being successful in my working career. Any other ideas for me?
Absolutely another idea. Visit your nearest VA clinic or hospital in person, that's what I did. Call and set up an appointment.
Thanks Lar, I will do that.




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