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I had to help my daughter construct a HOWL poem using the

format of Allan Ginsberg famous poem, "Howl."


Her professor wanted her to "howl" about something.

I don't think my daughter lived long enough to howl

about anything. So, I told her to howl about

women oppression in the USA.


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I think Ginsberg covers it pretty well, but I guess I'd howl about the way people treat each other.

Our attachment to others of our own species seems to have grown frail.

Slim  =-)

case in point: TBD

That depends on your point of view.

the point of view of an outsider looking in

Little Match Girl or Visitor to the Zoo? ;-p

I think that the Internet in general does tend to exacerbate antagonism, but this is also true of the way the media presents things in general.  I'm not certain how much of this is ongoing on this site, but see a lot of it in social networking sites particularly when the subject of religion is broached.

I think it was the overtones of, not just the political ads, but the agenda's of the politicians right now that made me wonder what has happened to human compassion.

The moon.




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