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I apologize ahead of time if this topic is verboten.

Several years ago, I left my journalistic/photojournalistic carreer to have my hips replaced. When I came to my senses and everything was gone, I decided to try to write web pages because I heard on GMA that you can make thousands of dollars if people click on your advertising (NOT. I for one, ALWAYS fully researched my stories...)


So although I had nothing to say, I started out TheInquiringEye CENSORED was writter with no general purpose in mind. Sarah and I were taking a late night flight to the west coast, and got kind of silly. (As time passed, we realized that we were silly most of the time.) Save Poor Tom! (CENSORED) was really a widget excersize, making fun of the inadequacies of Poor Tom. (Cany quite remember what he did to deserve it, but it must have been something. Illustration and Photography CENSORED was written to showcase some writing and ary work, Research page CENSORED was written as a journalistic aid. There are more CENSORED and some names that I bought but did not persue (cynicalnj.com, kill4hire...etc)


But there was one that I have always wanted to do something with, and that is Mothersanity.com. I dont recall where the name came from, I attract kids, and do my best to straighten out their lives (as my gift to the community), but I always wanted to make a website out of it. I bought .com, .net, .org, .mobi, thinking that I could organize my material as such. But the problem is/was: WHAT  MATERIAL?  (The staff here need not worry that I am trying to make a profit....over the years, I havent made $75. Sure, there is stuff that has to be cleaned up, there are probably even sites I forgot about. But I want to start this one.


Now .net generally implies commerse, and I have some things I can commerse away. (The trick is to 'learn' the technology, but I did it b4...)


.org implies profit free. Community issues, personal non profit concerns.

.mobi has something to do with a mobile phome and .com is commercial.


I need content! If anyone submits an idea, I'll be delighted to credit it. Pictures stories ....I really dont know where to go with this, but, predictably, I know that I want to go there. I need ideas for content. Dirrection. Whats the point to all of this? What does ' Mother Sanity ' mean?


Its a shot in the dark, but maybe someone out there might have some crazy idea which will spin me into the right direction. My kids are essentially gone,my editor went nuts...it can be hard to keep up with this stuff alone...I appreciate anything you can suggest. JackIE Names of CENSORED sites should be in my profile, if I can figure out how to do it.

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Oh, there's a Mothersanity.info, too
That's good. Book Reviews. May I use your name to credit you for your idea? I can link it to an email address if you like. It will be like the peoples site...if I can even get it configured,




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