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This weekend I attended brunch with some friends and family. And the subject of male urination habits came up. The women were all in agreement that men should sit to pee. I viewed this as another attempt at the pussification of the American male...and decided to take up the banner for my gender.

I made the usual arguments. I stated that even if we sit...when we are finished we still have to milk it and give it a shake to clear the last ounce from the urethra. And that a little dab with a fistful of TP will not do the job. I told them of the problems of getting older...and the "hang lows" tea bagging the toilet water. I told them that my aim was so good that I could piss through a doughnut hole at 10 paces...and still be able to eat the doughnut. But I was met with doubt.

And then my own brother admitted he sat to pee. I say pee because that's what you do when you sit. When you stand...you piss... like a man. So anyway....my own brother said he sat to piddle! He went on to give some girly man excuse that I didn't pay any attention to...as I was still trying to absorb his most recent admission.

So now "She who must be obeyed" insists that I sit to pee. So to avoid her wrath ...I have a plan. Now I piss in the sink. I'm no sitzpinkler!

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i was told second item was multiple orgasms.
Well, just think this is all about "penis envy" on the part of the women! Freud was right!
I suppose wee men can analyze ourselves, using the criteria of whether we stand or sit while urinating .....
But what does that say about me? I mean I've been using my Gumby and Pokey bed pan since I was a boy.........
I have seen it all.

This is part reason that we have two bathrooms,
one male and one flea-male.
I have these. I can pee standing up anywhere. I've practiced. Aren't I just ever so special /;-> la lala LA la!


(Pssst ... they REALLY work gals !)
I will never be able to say "You go gir!!!!l" with a straight face again.
Tee hee pee /;-P LoL TeeBubbaDee
FUD seems like an appropriate name for it for some reason.
Forget Understanding Dames?
Isn't that a given?




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