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b>I remember being able to go to a dr appointment, hand over my insurance card. Get that checkup I needed. If something was wrong in a test, I remember being able to go to a specialist and hand over my insurance card. I remember if I needed tests done, an mri, xray, bone density tests, etc, handing over my insurance card.
I remember feeling secure in the fact that I had that card! Just like alot of what I remember as good from the past, the past is gone.
Just like the past is gone, so is my insurance and my security. So is my ability to get the care I need. And just like the past is the past, this healthcare access is and will stay that way.
A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE AND ARE AGAINST HEALTHCARE REFORM. Right back at YOU! Here's to ALL of YOU who will be where I'm at....a SPECIAL WELCOME!! Get used to it, cuz just as all things that were precious to you that are gone, you'll have your memories to hold onto of the great care you used to have...wonder how healthy that will keep you? See alot of you so secure on Memory lane!

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Thanks Marjorie. I doubt many of the people against healthcare reform even think that some day they may be needing health care that will not be there because of unemployment, pre-existing conditions, etc. I find it disgusting the the Right Wingers would spread misinformation and fear to stop any reform. Hopefully Obama will get this passed with a 51 vote majority in the US Senate and let those people whine. He got elected for change and if he does not get this done I expect he could be a one term president. At least that is what I think should happen. There is no reason why he cannot get this through with Dem majorities in both the Senate and House of Rep.
check into the number of senator from both side that are getting their bread buttered by the insurance companies.
Why don’t they want the insurance that they are trying to force on us?
I smell fish, old fish.
Maybe this will give you a hint...this woman and husband has health insurance, he just got kicked out of nursing home/ remember,he has insurance...this may be the fish you smell
Sen. Coburn Tells Woman Crying for Health Care that Gov Is Not the Solution (Video)
Darroll you really need to read the proposed bills instead of getting your information from wherever you are getting it. More than one of the proposed bills simply opens up the Federal Employees Insurance plans to anyone that wants to sign up for them. You also need to see a doctor, if you have insurance, to get your sense of smell checked. There are no fish anywhere.
Have you seen their plan, why would they, it's free for life for them. You and I foot the bill through our taxes. Not to mention their pensions! All without them contributing a penny! NADA, ZILCH, ZIP!!
Yes I have seen their plan. My father was a federal employee. Not a congressman but an electician. we had the same coverage as congressmen. He had a group of plans to choose from, the same ones they had and yes he kept it until he died. He did have to pay part of the premiums but it was the best insurance I had in my entire life. I am now covered by the State of Tennessee. Does that make me a bad person or does the fact that I spent 38 years working in public schools count for something?
YOU DON'T MISS YOUR WATER TILL YOUR WELL RUNS DRY, those aren't just lyrics to a song.
I lost my insurance when I was very sick, I had been seeing an endocrinologist for over a year for hashimoto's , and started getting denials from the insurance. I was too sick to fight each denital, tests, bloodwork, I had been seeing a dr that was an internal med dr (who was also my gp, gyn) they never paid her a cent. They put everything under thyroid,even my gyn exam and tests and just denied it all.
I lost all my dr's, I was stuck with tons of medical bills, mri's, cat scans, needle biopsy done for thyroid,etc.
I am very sorry for the loss of your sister and what the system is doing to you and your husband.
My family genes are not good, and I try to stay positive. But the bitterness and the fear, along with chronic pain make it hard.
Hope your situation improves, really hope this reform gets insurance co stop robbing people!
I am sure both political parties have gotten their share from insurance companies in the form of political contributions. However, it is very apparent the Republicans do not want ANY reform whatsoever. They always support BIG BUSINESS and insurance and drug companies ARE big business. So if we get no reform during the Obama years you can forget about it I believe. Then more and more people will be facing the "GOP death panels" brought about by lies, fear, and scare tactics they are so good at using because even fewer people will have any health care.
I should add to this, denied, calling the thyroid pre-existing.
All the RNC asked of me was to send money..
Not what to say about healthcare.
Look what the government did to education.
Like I said before.
If you don’t have insurance use Medicaid, that seems to work (see your state)?. Some states cover all people on Medicaid.
The RNC never asked me to ask if Castro has the same insurance that the peasants have?
Our elected officials want no part of this plan. Why?
I’m not against health care, just the people that will administer it.




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