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What kind of drivers scare you?

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Umm..THAT kind!!
Little too close, huh?
Sometimes it's hard to find a parking space.
have you driven in DC traffic mania? God, I am scared someone is going to blow my head off everyday. They are nuts!!@@@#$
This guy pretty much freaks me out.

This is like rent it here leave it there isn't it?
Curious...What are the causes of Drunk Wisconsin Drivers? What are the contributing factors to this HIGH rate? Is there Booze in the local cheese? Are affluent people the drinking force?What is a considerable Factor in this?
The second most exciting thing in Wisconsin, after drinking and driving, is cow tipping.
Take a look at this public service announcement in England, keep in mind, they driver is the girl on the right in the front. Very strong video, for any age driver
Gee...that is how I drive...and I dont drink ...so I dont have that as an excuse...
But I think I could have at least made it OVER the house...and maybe landed in the garden...
Just exactly how do you explain this to the Gieko Gecko?




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