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Ouch! Speaking of which, how are u doing, TeeBub?

I'm doing fine officer. Felt good enough today to dig up five banana plants that were scattered around the yard, and transplant them all into one spot. Bananas seem to like to be grouped together. Would have been quick and easy, but I made the hole extra big and mixed up top soil, potting soil, composted manure, and vermiculite so they would have some decent dirt to start off with. Then I gave them a good feeding with some Miracle Grow. Of course then I had to go around and fill in all the holes that were left. I actually have three different species of bananas, and I know for sure one of them will produce fruit. (I have read that all types don't "fruit") 

Whoa, be careful & don't work too hard; bet it's getting hot there in Fl.

FL??? I thought I was in Hades! Yes. it gets too hot here in the summer. I was just out in the backyard digging up a bush that was here when we bought the house. It just wouldn't grow, and was actually about half the size it was when we moved in. Anyway, I'm rethinking the way I want the back yard laid out, and decided I would just do away with the bush instead of moving it. I was about half way done, and it poured rained for about 10 minutes. I had hoped the rain would cool things off, but all it did was jack the humidity. 




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