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It's been really quiet on here, except for the one discussion.  How is everyone doing? 

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I'm good, Phil.  Very busy with a very active and adorable almost one year old. 

I’m doin’ the R&R thing myself this weekend. 

Going to a BBQ at my church with mom tomorrow afternoon. 

Looking forward to worship on Sunday in our new and bigger building. 

What with all the stress in the world these days, I need a day of rest.  We all do.

Today , Saturday the 24th I'm sitting with a MS patient,  filling in for my sister in law who left for Dallas yesterday. Will be doing this for the next 2 months just 4 hrs a day except for 2 or 3 times when it will be 12 hrs . Have a good day you all.

May God bless you in your selfless deed for your hurting friend

I'm off to Florida for a well-earned vacation.

My regards to all the geeks at DisneyVille

Have a great time Bob.  You earned it. 

Just returned from a trip to a Tanger outlet to buy Reebok sneakers. Managed to lose my car keys while there but retracing our steps located them at the Nathan's where we had lunch. Had visions of spending $75  to have Triple A open the car locks on the theory that I locked the keys in the car. Now I think it's nap time!

Losing stuff is maddening....glad you found your keys. 

At least you got to enjoy a fine frankfurter from NYC....love Nathan’s dogs the most!

I also love their fries. 

We get them at the market out here in California. Very tasty. My grandkids particularly love them. Partly because their step-dad's name is Nathan!

4th of July  hot dog eating contest.Coney Island,YEAH




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