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How much mentally chained people can be in 21st century,world ?

How much mentally chained people can be in 21st century,world ?

By M Saleem Chaudhry

When I read,or listen to the outpour of volatile thinking of extremists and fanatics ,immersed in biases,prejudices and fixations of all types even tinged with hatred and despise , I wonder,How much mentally chained people can be in 21st century,world ,termed as a global village?
This makes me think that the biggest challenge for the enlightened leadership of the world is to emancipate mentally, from biases,prejudices and fixations of all types, as many people and as early as possible .

This turn will call for making them learn to forgive,as is advocated and promoted by my friend,Proff.Dr.Frederic, Stanford University, through his book,the best seller,"Learning to Forgive" and seminars. I happened to meet and listen Dr. Fred in the meeting of Rotary club of San Jose,ca wherein he was the guest speaker, last year.

I've written a blog on," learning to forgive" in Telegraph London to stir discussion and promote this thinking but I feel much more and by many more this needs to be promoted and propogated to make this world a better place to live in.
I was incited to write this article after reading an avalanche of emotionally loaded and seething feelings ,generated by the address of President Obama for ordering probe in to mass grave of allegedly 2000 Afghan prisoners of war
while being transported in comtainers like sardines, in Afghan war in 2001. He actually wanted to know what was the role of U.S forces and/or NATO in that sad and bad happening? He has not so far defined the line of action after the results of probe are available but many fanatics have let loose a series of diatribe , just for ordering probe in to a historical sad event. Prime Minister of Japan sought apology from the people of China and South Korea for the misdoings of his predecessors during world war 11. It didn't cut down the stature of P.M nor it humiliated people of Japan but eased the nerves of aggrieved people,draining much of hatred and despise. Repentence,confession and seeking forgiveness are all in correspondence with the teaching of all religions,particularly Christianity and Islam.
If the people turn bigots, it's a kind of mental ebberation not in correspondence with the ethics of any good society or nation.
Let every conscientious-minded person across the world commit to work for the mental emanicipation from biases,prejudices and fixations of all types to make this world a better place to live for humanity at large.

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If one group of people hadn’t earned a bad reputation, there wouldn’t be much biased thinking.
Then the peoples that get tired of being blown up, get smart and then they are called bigots for their negative thinking of a certain group.
Where do you think the pirates got their reputation? They earned it.
I've written,in a blog in Telegraph and Rishard Pole's blog magazine,under,"Segmetation of societies" that there is no community,no nation across the world which has no extremists or fanatics,of course percentage varies. You might have read a recent case of a crazy nut,German who killed a pregnant Muslim lady, right in the court, after having a tiff with her for wearing scarf. You know of the communal war Sri Lanka,and ideological war in India with Maoists, leaving aside many tragic massacres right here in USA by crazy nuts gone off hinges .
Let's aim at addressing the malady
If historically, things could be shown, to be getting better instead of worse, then the trend is going to way you want it, just not fast enough for you. I don't know, what of world history you know. All I know is the past was far more bruttle than the present. I myself, haven't beaten anyones head against the sidewalk for near 15 years. The thing is, we hear about the sensational. The good stuff that outweighs it goes on without press. Oh, you're not going to make the world a better place by talking. Because only the minority of people that like to talk about that stuff will join you, and they're not the problem. But at least you'll have something to do that you feel is productive. I just hope you're not too disapointed when things just carry on under their own momentum, just like always. See it's never been proven that civilization sucks because of biases, prejudices and fixations. It may in fact be true that biases, prejudices and fixations are the result of civilization being a bunch of manufactured bullcrap that is a fundamentally unworkable way to live in the first place. Biases, prejudices and fixations would simple be the fruit of the poison tree. Welcome to world over population.
Mr.DeMartin, Thanks for sharing your thoughts.I do agree with you that expecting the world to change fast enough to satisfy anyone's wish ,will be like living in fool's paradise.However I'm not disappointed and elive in continuing my bit and expect the same from conscientious-minded person like you. Things are no doubt better than what were those like centuries even decades ago.However in this space age with so much of W.M.Ds, we need to do much better and much faster. I know talk alone is not enough but it's means of mobilization and galvanization,particularly with current media influx and updated technologies.Let's keep doing our bit
Good point about history. People seem to let the media tell them what the status of the world is.

I think we should give civilization more time before we scrap it.
I entirely agree with you,media' objective and strategy corresponds to its viablity as an eneterprise




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