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I think in the last two days I've killed three discussions/threads. How many have you killed? who is the all time tbd thread killer?

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Nope....."last word" is in another thread...try again.....;-D
I can only hope that there isn't going to be a "site" killer on the loose....
We should send out a posse, maybe....
Anyone have change for a $5.00 crispy bill? I would like to have a little change.

Oh, not change of conversation. This is as delightful as all get-out. I just want some jingle.

Yes, even a jingle tune would be wonderful.
You're welcome, but you jumped right back in the hot seat? Oh well.....Nahhhh!
Where's Larry when we need him? He posted something recently about conquering toenail fungus. Shouldn't that be a killer?

SO, where are Robbie and Pru?




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