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Here is a link to local hotels. 



I only checked a couple, Holiday Inn Express, and Hampton Inn. Mainly because both of these are about 1/2 way between my house and the beach. (probably a little closer to the beach) I figure they are both approx. 5 miles from my place. The prices in Feb. are kinda steep, because it is in the middle of tourist season. The Hampton is $118 a night, and the Holiday Inn varies from $106 to $110, but if you book early you get a 20% discount. You may want to check out the amenities of both, or check out other hotels on the list.

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Sounds like the plan is starting to come together.  Who is going to be the official photographer? T has a pool in his back yard. Happy likes to go out there and bark at the aireator.(Sp?)
We'll make room for you B A F!!
I'm tellin' ya, I think we should stay at the TeeBubbaDee's Campsite 4 U - you park your camper-car in Teebs' driveway, Happy & Robbie can park the RV at the curb & Ducatiman & I will pitch a tent in the backyard. The Kremises & Quinn & a couple others will book the inside accommodations. Campsite/hotel needs complete.
That works for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol - B A F!! I can't believe you called me that!! My guy titled me his "P.A. Extraordinaire" ages ago! I actually sign correspondences like that to him when I'm taking care of things! lol "-D
I'm just glad some one has a grip. ,-)








Puttin' it all together. Time approved at work - check. Got cruise booked for Sunday - check. I just need to nail down flights and hotel.....its happening.

As DD would say... WOOT!!

I know your not supposed to wish your life away, but Damn, I wish this was gonna happen next week.

Check out The Granger House at Indian Rocks Beach...

I emailed today for rates.

The googled the Granger, and it looks pretty nice. I also found this site


They have several properties, but Sarah's Seaside kinda jumped out at me. Just another option. (there are about a gazillion of them here)




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