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Well folks, here is my definition of what is `HOT' these days...

"Who is he ?"  I can hear you ask;

sorry, but for the time being I'm a keepin' him all to myself !

(I may let you know a little later:>)

So, anyone out there want to `share' who they think is `HOT' or `NOT' ?

Both males and females included, and meanwhile,

I'll go back to my gazing and sighing...

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But it does no good to punish him......he enjoys it too much! ;-)

Sorry, I can't stay and reply - slept in and have to get going out the door,

but I did go out dancing to a local hall with a good Band last night

and thoroughly enjoyed it - report back later.  Have a great Sunday!]

Gee, thanks, Girlfriend.......now I have to take another shower.....this one's a cold one!  ;-) 

You know.....I've always wanted a man to touch my hair when he kissed me......and it's only been done once.......my very first kiss.  All this long hair.....gone to waste :-)

whatta shame.

Yes, I do remember that, Phil.  My hair used to be a lot longer than it is now.  I had a guy who enjoyed brushing my hair.....but I never had one wrap his fingers in it and pull me to him.  Like I say.....the very first time....he touched it....just ever so lightly.  Thank you, Roger.....wherever you are!  That first kiss was the best one.  It's been kinda downhill from there.  :-(

Same here Karin.  Men don't know how to be sexy anymore.  I'd like to get my hands on someone like Johnny Depp just once.  I wouldn't leave a spot on his body untouched....LOL!!!

Just leave a little for the rest of us.....ok?  It's really hard to believe he turns 50 in June.  I don't have to worry so much about robbing the cradle.  He's almost old enough for AARP!!  :-)

So true.  I was getting AARP statements in the mail when I was in my 40s.  Now I'm getting advertisments from The Scooter Store....LOL!

I would think I needed to try harder and find ways of improving myself and I wouldn't take it personal because it's a generalization.  I'm sorry you were offended.  I suppose I should have said, "The majority of men in general."  I tend to believe that when people take general statements to heart, there is some truth to the statement that resonates in them that makes them feel it is personal.

Thank you sweetie.

It's just my opinion, but I think "being sexy" is something someone either is.....or isn't.  I find some men extremely attractive.....like George Clooney, for instance.  But sex appeal-wise....he leaves me cold.  Too pretty.  I'm not a fan of Pretty Boys.  Same goes for Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and many others.  Sexy is in the eye of the beholder.  And it isn't so much a physical thing.  It's more of an aura....or an attitude.  And I don't think it can be taught...or learned.  It's just something you have or don't have.  If you have to try too hard......tight pants, too much make-up, shirts cut too low, skirts too short.....chances are, you may be missing that "certain something" that constitutes "Sexy". 

Oh, and what's "sexy" to one person isn't necessarily "sexy" for another.  It's all a matter of preference. 




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