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I can't find DD's hot haiku thread, so I thought I'd start a new one. My guy has "erotic" words fridge magnets & we've started leaving fun, erotic haikus for one another on the fridge, so it's made me want to write some here as well.

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eyes closed, head thrown back

lips parted, low moan rumbling...

my hair drapes your thighs



you're soaking me, love

tongue and fingers drenched with such

sugar sweet liquor

Uhnnnnn. Is it hot in here?

tracing my contours...

my body, passionate braille,

speaks through his fingers


"uhhhhhnnn, your skin is silk"...

breasts circumnavigated

my belly quivers


his palm pressed to it

he strings warm kisses like pearls

from chin to navel


rough cheek on my hip

soft tears of joy and relief

"you are my refuge"


"...my greatest desire"

adroit hands and lips show me

the depth of his love





wow.  Makes mine seem a bit amateurish to say the least....beautiful!

Not at all! Yours is perfect...it revved me up and inspired mine.


This whole "serial haiku" thing I do is totally unheard of. Not haiku at all, really. But...hahahaha...I've said my mea culpas to the group over time, and they indulge me.


Thank you for your compliment. It means a lot.



glistening wet curves

staccato... rise arches up

pushing my tongue deep

pulse racing, breath stopped

Drew, I love your Hot Haiku

steamy imagery

standing in public

he gives me a look; leans in

whispers with his tongue

as he leans over

her scent commands his senses

her carnal love slave

gently between breaths

her fingers calm and deliberate

glide across wet cheeks 

pillow beneath me

rushing, pulsing, thrusting waves

and arching climax




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