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What do you dream of this holiday season? This one's for my Beloved, who embodies all my hopes, dreams, and wishes...

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next year at this time

I hope we can reminisce

another good year

Dreams of love abound

Peace throughout this crazy world

Abundance for all

happy new year friends !

may the warm wishes found here

grow throughout the year

peace to one and all

a country that's united

trusting each other

that's one tall order....
such holiday miracles
are worth wishing for


smiling kid's faces

dreams coming true one and all

peaceful, thriving world

i can see it now...
i join my wish with yours, m.
there's power in hope

hope tied to action

delicate balanced process

our dreams can be real

we'll take the long way
but we'll get where we're going
god willing or not

you and i sit close
watching the christmas parade
our hearts twinkling bright

another christmas...
remembering your warm love
i watch the snow fall

merry christmas all
may the joy of the season
surround you with love




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