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History on a national or international level, your own personal story, or your favorite history professor. Have at it in three lines of 5/7/5 syllables, respectively.

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you write history
as most historians do
trying to write truth

time's funhouse mirrors
distort and reconfigure
whos, whens, and wherefores

truth is relative
and its vehicle, flawed man,
a cup on a string

so here's to you, d.
and all who try to unearth
what really happened

Just don't drink a bottle and a half of wine before you do it :>)

past present future

my eternal history

we must meet again

annie leibovitz

asked, "what do you want to see?

what worlds renew you?"


my first pilgrimage...

to a lake in florida

where a boy once played


then to an office

where the grown man helped many

aspire to their dreams


last, to a bedroom

where he became one with love

then slept like a child


glistening water

a work-worn desk, wealth of books

rumpled sheets and peace


each vision transforms

a portrait in absentia…

tears adorn my smile

on a crimson field

you dropped your shield, full aware,

wanting it over


i flew to your side

no man, no god, could stop me

but i was too late


the wound was gaping

i could see the heart i loved    

spilling its life's blood


your eyes transfixed mine

as i took you in my arms

the world went silent


"do not grieve for me

today was my day to die

some debts must be paid”


“you cannot leave me

 here, alone in this darkness”

the silence choked me


your hand grazed my cheek

“you will never be alone

I’m always with you”


words deserted me

your eyelids fluttered then closed

the dark descended


my  lips to your ear

“haunt me through eternity…”

you were listening


yearning for the past…

you make me want to live it

all over again

karma intervenes

a man and a woman kiss

history repeats

this is his story

a record of man's past time

touching all of us

my dear professor

history has taken on

a whole new luster


from your perspective

i see mysteries unfold

and secrets revealed


your fascination

prompts me to look more deeply

beneath the surface


synthesizing facts

predicting future events

you open new worlds

how can i thank you

for universes untold

my dear professor

historian mine
immortalize our story
love in every word

you're my destiny
written indelibly in
the book of my life

i study the past
scrutinize each word and deed
searching for the truth

i knew as a child
i'd marry a professor...
i've always been yours




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