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HEADLINE: Polish coffin-maker uses nude models to sell wares

Sex sells...even in Poland (click).

The Catholic church is upset with coffin maker Zbigniew Lindner for using nude women on his 2013 calendar. They think it is inappropriate to merge the idea of death with sex.  Lindner, on the other hand, says he is selling a 'product' NOT a religious symbol. 

I'm sure we all agree that it is inappropriate to associate nude women with being 'a product' (don't we? I hope so...I know that we all avert our eyes during beer and car commercials here in our own country), but does faith, the church, religion or the Vatican have anything to do with coffins?  Are they the dictators on the solemnity of dying?

Do you think the calendar will be good for business or bad?


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I'll have to get back to you on this one Eddie. 

OK, Had to do a little "research". The company has been producing calendars featuring women for (as far as I can tell) the last four years, with each year getting racier. Did I find any of the images offensive? No, but I'm a guy that 35 years ago had a Playboy subscription. Would any of this make me want to go coffin shopping. Again, no, but I doubt if there are many who have that on their itinerary for today. 

Should organized religion have a say in how this man wants to promote his business? Not in my mind, but I have to say upfront, that I have no ties to organized religion, so this is just my opinion.

The owner says he is selling a product, not a religious symbol, and I can agree with that.

The Catholic Church has to get used to a world of filth.

Smut sells products.

You equate the nude female form with filth?

It has to be Fk this Fk that nasty this this and nasty that.

No wonder STD's are going crazy

I hear it was his 20 year son's idea.

From the pictures I've seen, selling the coffins this way is a little like using the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition to sell bathing suits.  You see much more of the woman than you do of the product.  I think it's funny that they will quote a price for the crumpled-up piece of green fabric sitting on the beach next to the sand coated nude...as if any of us 'normal' women would jump at the chance to buy a skimpy piece of string that we can't even see for the extravagant price of $ 649.00. This man is selling calendars (for a profit), which people can display at their own discretion.  He is not putting these on billboards, in magazine ads, on television or any other place where someone who is offended by them would be forced to view them.

However, this is Poland and it is a country where its unity is in its faith and that faith is Catholicism.  I think the diocese has every right to object.  I think the Bishop should hence stay out of automotive repair shops, athletic locker rooms and should shop somewhere else for his casket.

How much fun can a guy have.

A naked girl standing next to your coffin.

She is probably the reason the guy died anyway.




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