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HEADLINE: How To Catch An Illegal Immigrant' Shirt Sparks Controversy As Taco Cid Defends 'Witty' Statement

A restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina (specializing in
Mexican food) is selling and promoting this tee shirt (click):



Restaurant T-shirt found in South Carolina stirring controver... on Twitpic


There has been huge backlash claiming the shirt is racist.  The owner of Taco Cid says it's all just in fun.

Is humor okay if it degrades or demoralizes others?  Is it insensitive?  Are Pollack jokes, blonde jokes and Aggie jokes harmful?  What about jokes that objectify women? 

How far should humor go?






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It's a good thing that trap is safe and sane as I could get caught up in it.
I love tacos.
We live in two worlds, have fun in yours if it's allowed.

During the past 6 years I have learned to never believe anything posted in a social network discussion. "NO WAIT"  That is, never believe anything posted in a "Personals Ad".  "NO WAIT" That is, never believe the liberal media. However, I have been to the "Big Rock Candy Mountain".

Good to see you Robbie!!!!




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