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HEADLINE: Bad news at Fox News? Hannity’s ratings plummet

While radio celebrity Rush Limbaugh's ratings fluctuated quite a bit during 2012, both Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly have suffered a television viewership decline since this year's November election.  These enthusiastic (extremist?) right-wing pundits underwent a surge of popularity a few years ago and they were frequently thrust into the spotlight for their 'personal' views made public.

Have they run their course?  Do they have anything left to tell us?  Do you think that they provided support to a party that needed the reassurance that their beliefs were still strong and valid or did they only serve to splinter the party with expressions that were a bit too right-wing?  Are they fading into the shadows?

By the way, has anyone heard from Glenn Beck lately?



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Right with  you Lifesighs.....Limbaugh and O'Reilly are two overinflated ego tripping yo yo's.  And Fox news should broadcast on Saturday mornings only with the rest of the cartoons.

 Some have noted the resemblance to the backend of a dog doing its thing. But he does make tens of millions of dollars per year so that in turn says something about the makeup of the nation I suppose.


Lifesigh:  Don't look.  I don't mean to make you gag. :-)

What we have here is a cycle, the end of one campaign and the beginning of another.  And what has also happened is much of it is stale, stale and yes, stale.  

Once the 24/7 news cycle was invented the idea was that overall there is something to get and keep the public's attention.  However, the whole idea has been saturated to also make the business profitable which means keeping the whole thing interesting, somehow.  Personalities, pundits and talking heads are all a part of it, but they don't all last forever and can't.  Bonnie Battista, Bernie Shaw, John Holiman, Peter Arnett, Arthur Kent even Christian Anmanpour have been the face of CNN at times and latter due to choices both personal and corporate lost their presence.  Now that will happen to the Wolf Blitzer as he is burning the 24/7 candle of events. 

The business demands new faces even if what they saying and doing is old news.

Real, like The Daily Show and Colbert Report or Jeb Bartlet I suppose.  

And yes, reality does suck, sometimes more than others and as such we do need to be entertained.  But then again what if people can't have time to know the difference, much less appreciate what they are hearing and seeing.  

We live in an era where images are more prized than substance, in part, because substance is so darn hard to do and deal with, better to be entertained and pass the Doritos and dip..... 

I had a couple Becks during the Christmas holidays.

I didn't know they still brewed those.

I believe they have been brewing Beck since the 1600's in Germany under the German Beer Purity Law.

I used to watch Hannity. Drives me crazy how he repeats the same thing over and over. Also his propensity to interrupt. Beck started his own network because Fox wouldn't let him talk about certain things. Fox is not as conservative as you would think. Mainly Republican talking points. Mainstream news doesn't report everything either. There are better sources for news. 

The first thing the Repb do is when an election looks winnable, they get on the kick to reverse Rowe/Wade.

Abortion is none of mans business.

The real question what is the state's business?  What can and should a state regulate and make lawful or unlawful.  

This all revolves around reproductive rights, is it only a matter of individual rights or does and should the state get involved to protect, regulate and authorize who, what, where and when.  

Once the state did, and then the court's decided, the state didn't, but did that solve all the questions and issues as to what a society's interest is in those that reproduce and the results?

It is never that simple to say it is only what comes naturally.




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