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Are you eating your bacon this morning?  Or is it eating you?

I thought I'd post something pleasantly non-political this morning while we anxiously await this evening's debate.

I have a friend who claims he doesn't care how he dies...as long as it makes the headlines.  I'm not sure, however, that being eaten by hogs would satisfy that desire.

How would you like your obituary headline to read?


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Now you know where this old quote came from...."He went to shit and the hogs ate him."

*not what I want as a headline....just an astute observation*

Someone forgot to put a warning sticker on the hogs.

I'd like to die in a ski accident.  I don't care if I make headlines or not.

After a life time of being followed by buzzards(vultures) they finally started picking on an Aggie.

I might have to quit eating bacon.




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