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Having a bath on a chilly morn
There's nothing like the bleat of a 
bull elk early on a cold chilly morn
awakened I roll over startled in my tent  
It had been  so cozy warm in my mummy bag
the dream of all dreams I wanted to finish 
flew quickly from my brain without an end
smelling smoke the campfire had died down 
embers still burning, needing attention
quickly out of the tent wearing only my boots  
I work quickly building the fire to knee high
smaller wood at the bottom, heavier on top
the fire is now roaring, I'm finally warming up
time to drag the old galvanized wash tub
still heaped with snow close into the fire
with strong dark rich coffee now brewing alongside
back to the tent I wait for the water to heat
tub full of snow finally  melting but not ready 
in the tent I sip coffee trying to recall my dream
steam is flowing into the cold mountain air
with a towel and soap I brave a cold chilly morn
 the tub pulled off onto the icy snow
I bravely brace it and go in feet first
                              © 2012 Julia A Knaake

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Replies to This Discussion

Now this is the way to do chilly mor'n....

Craig, a picture in my mind is worth 200 words...thank you

LoveLife&Laughter what are you reading? You look so serious.

Lynn, then when you go back to the tent you'll  really get warmed up

luvy it isn't really that bad

getting misdirected in a blizzard on a snowmobile

or having to walk home at one in the morning

a mile to the cabin  when that snowmobile  stopped is much worst

of course you have to walk singing off key at the top of your lungs 

to scare the bears, badgers and coyotes off lest you be attacked

it confuses the hell out of them and they run, hide and stare at you




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