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Has anyone seen WendyLynn's pink Volvo lately?

I saw a 1958 red Volvo T-425 tractor on Saturday night.  Pru spotted or painted a pink Volvo.


Did Wendy's pink Volvo disappear in the move? Has anyone seen WendyLynn's pink Volvo lately?

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I am quite impressed that Stir knows so many color names...Now, if he just knew what they looked like

I think your head injury has made you kinda scrappy.
Well, I AM well read....

....if not particularly well BRED.
That tractor looks like a shade of mauve to me, folks.

And Quinny, 'puce' means flea in French. Fleas are a deep brownish red color, like dried blood. It became stylish in the 18th C. to wear that color so that the fleas etc. didn't show up on your gown, or so I've heard.

Historical TMI?
ummm.... YES. ;-p hahaha
Hey, the steers too!
The steers are in Austin.
Aggie, I'd heard College Station. :>)
Lots of t-sippers in Austin also.
What happened to the pink Volvo your were driving cross country in?
Now that is pink.
Looks like a pink Volvo to me.




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