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Has anyone seen WendyLynn's pink Volvo lately?

I saw a 1958 red Volvo T-425 tractor on Saturday night.  Pru spotted or painted a pink Volvo.


Did Wendy's pink Volvo disappear in the move? Has anyone seen WendyLynn's pink Volvo lately?

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The Volvo Pru spotted or painted.
That's just wrong on so many levels.
Hey, that looks like lavender to me! Whaddyou two trying to pull here???
I thought men only knew four colors--red, blue, green and yellow??
Are you man enough to drive a pink tractor?
I mostly just know black and white.....unless its a paint scheme in NASCAR.
My ex told me I taught him a new color every time we bought a house.... waaaay back was mauve, then hunter green, then taupe. To taupe he simply responds, "It's brown."
I think it's fuschia!
Looks like puce to me...

You heard me!
Is puce a member of the pink group.




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