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Has anyone seen WendyLynn's pink Volvo lately?

I saw a 1958 red Volvo T-425 tractor on Saturday night.  Pru spotted or painted a pink Volvo.


Did Wendy's pink Volvo disappear in the move? Has anyone seen WendyLynn's pink Volvo lately?

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A tea sipper of course!
Reply by WendyLynn on July 30, 2010 at 10:44pm
It was a blue saturn. The only pink was on the lei I had wrapped around the chickfilet cow's neck.

You had a cow in your car?
Was the cow pink?
But, it was IN your car?
A whole cow?
Wendy the cow is black with white face. She mows my yard at the farm.
Were ever she likes as long as she stays inside the fence.

Pru the cow and Wendy the cow mowed my yard on Monday.




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