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Has anyone been surprised by the events of the last 1 1/2 years?

Given the news of the past year and a half, have you been surprised at what has been going on in our country politically? Did you foresee the events that have taken place or are you taken aback for one
reason or another?

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=-0 ding dang it!
Maine Detox, Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Programs
AMHI Complex,
Marquardt Bldg
SHS #159, 3rd Floor
Augusta, 04333-0159
Phone: 207-287-2595 OK, I called these guys and they said they would get back to me with the info.
I had a few nervous moments when I came across some gangstas driving backwards around the gas pumps at the local gas station way back in the nineties. Los Solitos ? (owned a house in Bridgeport , CT at the time up by the Trumbull border) (Where every one of my neighbors told me , what ever you do don't sell your house to a black person and I told them that some of the nicest neighbors I ever had happened to be black) One of my grandsons from my marriage is half Jamaican .His great ,great grandfather was a Rabbi who survived the concentration camps in Europe. Yes I'm familiar with the lack of security on a personal level. And my guess is that meth addiction not unlike smallpox doesn't care what the person looks like. Vernon are you pulling my leg? What does that have to do with anything?
My hands are nowhere near your leg. That's is my point. There is no typical meth addict. You can profile them from behavior, but you can't by how they look (until the drug ravages their body). There is variation from place to place, by meth addicts are all races and colors.

The violence on the border has another component that falls directly on the society of the United States. Demand pushes supply. We should lose the myth that it is only foreigners who drive the body count and own up to your own responsibility in that regard as well.
A woman from the Maine Detox center is sending me all kinds of reports on Meth in Maine. And Vern what does this mean. How am I responsible for the murders in Cuidad Juarez?
Typo. The word "your" was supposed to be "our" in that last sentence. Sorry for the misunderstanding. My name is not "Vern."
My apologies, Vernon, meaning something to do with spring like the Vernal Equinox............................
No worries.
Most of the illegal’s vote here.
They had 25 vote by mail ballots go to one address.
The state never bothered to look into it, they are too busy collecting taxes from soda pop and rich people.
The reason that the issue of illegal immigration has been "put on the back burner" is to create a tax base for the powers that be, all the while keeping said immigrants disenfranchised and clamouring for more handouts while they do nothing to improve their own standard of living without government assistance.

Concerning the "other border"...the longest undefended border, the only people crossing into the United States are doctors and nurses being guaranteed megabucks by hospitals funded by insurance companies.
That is not entirely true. We've had terrorists pass through. and others . . .




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