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This week represents a full calendar year since my last period!


My friends and I will be celebrating Saturday, March 20, as part of our Spring Equinox ritual, around 3 PM Central time. I would be honored if you ladies would join us in spirit as this new phase of my life begins.  :)

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We will be delighted to be in attendance dear Quilty, I was just thinking about you today and wondering if you were okay. I envy you. Mine seems never to end. How is your diet going?

I have marked the date & time and I will bring plenty of champagne! Hopefully you and your friends will pop in for a glass :) In the mean time -

Many blessings !
Indeed it is! I wish you the best, easiest time of it. Don't hesitate to look for help if your body begins to drive you crazy you go along.

I didn't, and I know my husband wished that I had. ,-P
Thank you so much for the invitation--I'll be there, wishing you health and happiness!
Congratulations Quilty....isn't it marvelous? The year before it stopped was a little strange. One period lasted 21 days and when I called the doctor's office they said.....perfectly normal. pfffftttttttt!

BUT....I have to say, my last one was in 2002 and it's been heaven. An occasional hot flash here and there, but overall, menopause is a gift!!!
Quilty - was thinking of you on Saturday - did you have a great time? It was so gorgeous here in Raleighwolrd that weekend - we spent most of it outdoors !

Where did you gals go and what did you do?
Absolutely! That's a celebration! Outstanding and congratulations B A F - well done. Peace of mind, nothing like it ;)
As it happened, I was jaundiced for a week before the celebration, and have been running a low-grade fever ever since. We had to postpone the ceremony.

I do have a very special treat in mind, for just my bff and me: I found an old gift card to a VERY nice steak house (Sullivan's -- I hear they're a chain) that I forgot I had. She and I are dressing up next week for our regular Thursday night dinner together and eating there. I can't wait!!

I found the moonstone I bought 4 years ago for this occasion when buying one for my daughter's first cycle. It's overlapping triskeles, with a lovely pale orange moonstone in the middle -- kind of carnelian orange. I just love it!

Thank you all so much... for EVERYTHING! Even when I don't get here as often as I'd like, it's comforting to know that you are here.

@MzJean: It WAS a smooth transition, thanks to a supplement my doc recommended called pregnenolone.
Oh! ;-)))
Thanks Q so for checking in - you know - I may seem real low key around here - but don't any of you gals ever think I'm not seriously waiting watching and listening with care for the return of each and everyone.

I am going through such a difficult time and I so seriously want to discuss it that I do think about starting an "invite" only very closed shop just to discuss our medical issues. Sort of a 'subset' to our group. We gals are facing and going through such difficult times medically and could help one another I suspect so much - and we need privacy to do so.

Could we manage this here with a private group - or should I create a Ning group as a separate subset ?
Would you all join me? And still play here too? (After all - I can assure you that men lurk and read, they tell me, and it pleases me - it's a compliment (for the most part) to us all, we are more popular that we think ;0 !!!

But some things, are really - just gal things, when sharing notes on how to stay alive.
I would definitely be interested in being a member of a private women's group, Dazz. I agree, I think we could benefit greatly from a protected and safely female forum. I hope it happens.
Cool. Oh my - speaking of private - belle I have to say the "women talking" in e STG makes me blush!

So do we call it "For Women Only II " ?
Dazz....or any ladies here....consider stopping in and contributing to any of the topics in that thread, or asking something you'd like to know..lol...*wink*.
It's awesome because the men are not allowed to post there either.....only lurk like here.....women discussing sexual issues. Or...,if there's something you'd like to see there but are uncomfortable posting...let myself or Maria know and we'd be happy to post it for you....anonymously.

The title for the private group? Are you wanting suggestions? Something like...."For Her Eyes Only" ?
I do too! I will construct it within the next day or so !!!

For Her Eyes Only! YES! Brava Belle! Thank you my lovelies!

You know - I'd join STG, but I'm very private about my sex life and my relationship - and so is TSD. When one is part of a couple here, it's not very good form for us to get in there, one can revel too much and it would make us both feel uncomfortable. At least in a private setting, we can share girlie stuff and all of TBD doesn't need to know when we are having PMS issues!

Pru's fart Q. Oh my did I laugh!

Also - it's just not our periods, and menopause - it's breast cancer and weight and all sorts of other health issues we don't want bandied about.

I plan to watch the membership VERY carefully and the same mods we have here will (I hope:) join us there. There - we can be sure that no boys are sliding in as gals, because unless whomever can be vouched for by another as a woman - they don't get in to post.




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