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A former TBD friend of mine has had a family of coons move into her attic. Any suggestions on coon relocation?

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Yeah , but at this point what do they have to lose but the rascals in the attic?

I received a text message she is hearing humane trap rattling noises from the attic.


Tell her Congradulations for me! We had a monster racoon getting into our left- over Chinese food in the trash. It was the biggest racoon I ever saw,( maybe it was pregnant and couldn't resist the last of the poo-poo platter,) but I sprayed down the cans on the inside with vinegar and they haven't been back.
Is there any way she can use smoke to force them out?  She'd probably have to use a smoker like beekeepers use.  I wouldn't want raccoons in my attic.  They are slobs.
Update: One coon down and another relocated to Tomball!




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