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A former TBD friend of mine has had a family of coons move into her attic. Any suggestions on coon relocation?

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They don't do coons.
As someone who grew up in a coon hunting family, I could make a suggestion. But, I know she wouldn't approve. Therefor, I refrain. I have learned a few things in 73 years.

I srill think she should have pity on them...



Or, maybe she could just give them away.


I think I will send her them photos.


I had a coon move in under my bathroom floor...I ran the vacuum on top of the floor & the coon moved out.....Now, If you can find a way to run the vacuum on the ceiling??????
OOPS.....It was a Opossom.....different critter.

I will tell her to try the vacuum on the ceiling.


The easiest way would be to turn the house upside down......
This kitten might be able to rid the attic of the coon family.
LMAO....Thats a pretty scary kitty

I think it is Russian.


I have a family of young fox living under my barn willing to be an exchange family.  The fox family is looking for a cool home with a pool.




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