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A former TBD friend of mine has had a family of coons move into her attic. Any suggestions on coon relocation?

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Why relocate? Just adopt them as pets. When I was a kid, there was a family next door that had a pet raccoon living inside their house. Tell Pru to stock up on peanut butter. I was always loved to watch that raccoon climb up on the counter, open the cupboard door, pull the jar of peanut butter out, open it up, and go to town!
She has tried the peanut butter in humane traps but the coons get to peanut butter without tripping the trap.
She does not like violence and that little law about discharging firearm in the city.

So poisoning and a slow agonizing death may help the poor, little critter, yeah, I get it.......?




She prefers coon relocation to a nice place in the country.


Faliscy, they'll head right back.


Already know where the pickins are good. Something brought them, first mistake!

They do like the figs on her fig tree.




No she likes the fig tree.


Call the State Game Commission?




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