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I was excited. Took a shower, slacks and white shirt, even combed my hair. Just before leaving I called the financial aid office to see if they had a check for me. She said "we don't give out the checks until the quarter starts".  Turns out that it wasnt september 4th, it starts on the 24th! A major disappointment. So, the question is, do any of you make that kind of mistake? Ever get ready for work and discover it's sunday, not monday?  Ever have a brain fart in mid sentence and suddenly have no idea what you were talking about?

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All the time.  That's why I have a journal and a calendar and a To Do list.

At least you're dressed and ready to go.

Life's short.  Die doing something you like.

That rarely happens to me, but this site looks different today.

Am I still on FaceBook?  Where's my timeline?




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