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Here's another throwback to TBD Prime...Please use both words, or some version of them, in your haiku.

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Hail Veterans Day !
many goodbyes are scattered
by a grateful wind
he whispered goodbye
wind carried a mist of tears
'cross the battlefield
White cotton curtains
Blowing gently in the breeze
Goodbye to summer
as one life ceases
others resign to move on
memories held dear

family and friends
brave a biting northern wind
respectful goodbye

we honor those close
praying never to forget
they've gone as will we
Very nice Quinn
Thank you.
Back at ya down there vvvv
Can I stop the wind?
Can my will change the seasons?
Can I say goodbye?
The Bus Pulled Away
I Watched Til It Disappeared
Wind Stole My Goodbyes
no goodbyes for us
the winds of fate can't part us
volente deo
Wind up the tent ropes,
Stow all the gear in the van --
Goodbye hugs and tears.
carried on the wind
forgetful of past goodbyes
I awoke startled
Yes, Drew...I love it!

could he break her heart?
waves roiling sand hissed, "goodbye..."
wind whispered, "never"




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