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Too hot, too dry, too smoky, but no fires within 30 miles. Garden a bust. But...no wasps, hornets or yellow jackets. Guess there's an upside to anything. Hope yours was better.

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Summer is long from over in Texas. Might get some relief in December.

Well...here we are in Florida. Air conditioning is WONDERFUL! Summers in Florida are not pleasant  but I don't have to shovel snow anymore...or chop ice.  Thankfully, no smoke or fires. Here, we just have hurricanes and tornados. As  MTwoman says, there's an upside to anything.   

Hey Steve, Nice to see you here! I hope you and your wife are doing well.

Same thing with our too long summers here: hot, dry, smoky. So Fall/Autumn is always a relief.

I hated to see summer go all the leaves fall and everything looks gray. Our small garden this year did nothing, it was bad.




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