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Anything that appeals to you--events, images, whatever. If it's slightly irreverent or gets your bulbous parts tingling...so be it. :>)

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That is so funny!

Glad you liked it, Carrie--sounded familiar, huh? :>)

THANKS for joining GOGO! It's been pretty quiet around here for a while, but Dyslexic Dodger and I are still kickin'. It'll be great to have a new voice in the halls!

A year late, but still a giggle...

The 2014 Gay Easter Parade in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Hairy 4th of July!!!!  Two sweet, snuggling Bears...

Happy Fantasia 4th!!!!!

I don't understand this photo. What does Fantasia mean?

It's a happy, silly 4th of July photo of a drag queen and her lesbian friend. Fantasia is the name of the drag queen.

ohhh ok thanks for sending me one.






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