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One girl (a lesbian) makes repeated attempts, some successful, of pulling another girl's pants down in public. There are repeated reguests to stop. Mother Sanity goes to the police, to the school. (Yesterday AM). As of this time, no one has discussed this matter with her. (Where are the parents? Sigh...Just another kid left out there to rot. Whatdoyoudo about this crap?

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I think that what classifies this as sexual assault is that one girl is a lesbian, the other is not. If a boy did this to her, he'd be arrested immedietly.
Absolutely sexual assault. Obviously the results would be different if it was a guy, because quote unquote that's the sort of thing a guy is expected to do. It would be even worse if it was a star football player, because then there would be school self-interest in not suspending the guy because 'we might lose the game' or whatever. I hate 'boys will be boys,' as if we couldn't possibly expect boys to be respectful members of society, and it's even worse that boys then get to live down to expectations. Having said that, it's terrible that this one girl is somehow accepting and enacting raunch culture and terrorizing another girl, and I sincerely wish that someone would have spoken to Mother Sanity about what they will be doing to stop it, individually and throughout the community.
Not so glad afterall. The girl (victim) is in big trouble with her father, who, is basically an ape (albeit a small one), and blames everything on her.
It is a shame that the father takes that attitude. Without moral support from home, the victim will continue to be victimized until somebody stands up and says "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" That having been said, I think a little public humiliation of the (lesbian) aggressor is in order. Too bad the girls won't band together and give her a boot party....

Best wishes in dealing with the situation.
I actually offered to adopt the kid, but no....Thanks for your support. Were gonna run away for a few days and hope someone burns the house down. God knows we can use the cash.




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