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My husband, George James Evan, passed away early this morning.


He had been battling several illnesses for 8 years, took a turn for the worse in September 2012, and another in March, 2013.


He was the best, kindest husband any woman could have had.

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Dear God, I am so sorry to read your sad news this morning dear Goldilocks,

though I am glad you are able to let us know here on TBD, as many of us have

shared a wonderful friendship with you and George over the years,

and it gives us a chance to reach out with some kind of tiny comfort

at this time, hanging on to the fact that George is free from all

his sufferings now. I hope you are able to have your family close by

to help you and be with you for a time and I am thinking of you this day.

Thank you, ozzieowl.  I am blessed to have family and friends who have been wonderful through this.

Thank you, Phil.

I am so sorry Goldie. I know exactly how you feel. I lost my wife of 30 years in 2006. My thoughts are with you.

Thank you, P.A.  I appreciate it.

Thank you, luvy1950.

May he rest in peace and I know everyone tells you this but after the grieving your life will go on and you too will be at peace.  my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time...

Thank you, kzart.

My heart goes out to you Goldi.

Thank you, TeeBubbaDee.  I wish George and I could have met you and your wife.

George had such a kind heart and a good soul.  He was a friend to all of us on TBD and many EONs members as well.  You were a wonderful caregiver to him and I can't help but believe that he died a very happy man...having someone as loving and caring as you in his life.

Yes, he was, EddieDingo.  Thank you for your kind words.  ♥




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