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From your pride of kittens, or from anywhere--loved ones, friends, or the Internet. Long or short--tell us any cat story which makes you happy.

A compilation of the cutest kittens ever to brighten up anyone's day!

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My cat Bogie was a real charmer. He appeared one day on the deck I'd built outside my bedridden mom's room  (I was her caregiver). Mom was not a cat lover having had a bad, and literally scarring, experience as a child. So while I was sure I would not be able to bring him inside, his long black coat was so bedraggled and he looked so hungry that I had to help him. 

Day after day, Bogie would stand, sit, or lie on the deck watching Mommy. I would feed him, pet him, generally getting him ready for a trip to the vet, even though he would have to be released outside after getting shots, etc. It broke my heart, but my mother was very ill and I wasn't going to push her to accept a cat in the house.

Mom began to ask to go to the sliding glass doors in her wheelchair. She would sit and watch Bogie as he watched her. Sometimes she would smile, even giggle, at his antics. One day I came in to see my mother reaching down against the glass as if to pet him. Bogie was rubbing against the glass door, his long silky tail held high, purring loudly. Tears came to my eyes.

The next day Mommy said to me, trying her hardest to appear nonchalant, "Well, if that cat is going to stay on the porch everyday, I guess you'd better just bring him in." My heart leapt with joy.

"What do you want to name him?" I asked her.

"How about Bogey," my mother was an avid gold enthusiast, "because (she giggle) he's one too many cats!"

And so Bogie (the spelling was changed) became a treasured member of the family and lived with us happily for many years.

Sweet Bogey. Looks similar to a cat I had for 18 years. She went to sleep finally in August of 2013. 

Oh, he was a very sweet, special, and amazing boy.  On his first visit to the vet, it was found that he had Feline AIDS (FIV), and the vet recommended that Bogie be put down. At that time (1990), vets felt that was the humane thing to do, especially when a cat had acquired HIV from his mother, as Bogie probably had. As an advocate for people with HIV/AIDS, I knew that it didn't have to be a death sentence, at least for humans, so I declined and said I'd like to do some research. My vet agreed, and said he'd pitch in too.

Looooong story short, Bogie lived for 10 healthy, happy years longer--a lot because of his incredibly sunny attitude, I've always felt. I used to walk him on a leash day and night, and he would literally leap for joy as we walked. He became everyone's best friend--human and animal. All the neighbors would greet him with laughter, treats, and petting, crooning things like, "Well now, Mr. Bogie, it's so wonderful to see you!" He was an absolute ray of sunshine!

I'm so glad you had a lovely, dear girl like Bogie, Linda! I know that her life and yours were filled with love and happiness for those 18 precious years!

Do you have any stories about her? 




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