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I'm sure if we all think about it, if we've been out on dates since we became single again, that there are some really funny stories.  Let's share ours and see who's is funniest. 

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I have been single for 27 years, I figure no one was interested in me when I was in my 40's, so I'm sure there is no one now who would be interested in me. I quit looking about 20 years ago.I do have male friends that we meet for dinner and meet at lectures, but that all and its ok.

I'm with you Eaglewoman.  If someone arrives in my life somehow through things I do, I'm open but I think I'd prefer it like you do, where a guy is a friend. 

"If at first you don't succeed, try and try again"  -

this was something that one of my beautiful old aunts used to repeat when 

she was teaching me to sew, knit or embroider when I was very young

and I guess I'm putting it here to encourage those that have just about

all but given up on looking for a partner that holds the potential for us

to rejuvenate parts of our life. I'm looking and have been for years,

but it seems I need to find a gay guy so that I don't have to get hung

up on the very intimate, sexual side of things.

Yes, I have been out a lot of times with long pauses in between,

to meet someone that I have chatted to on line, the most recent one

was 2 years ago, and for once there was instant attraction on both sides,

(I had my dog with me because I couldn't leave him at home or with anyone),

and that was ok, because we spent our time strolling around the foreshore,

listening and talking as we went, and then drove around to the Lighthouse point

where we shared a bowl of chips and a had a drink while we continued talking,

well, in these 2 years that have gone by, we have met four times with long gaps

in between, he is divorced, has grown up children and a young 14 yr old boy

who he shares custody with on weekends, he still works in a physically demanding 

job, he does text from time to time, but that is it. I don't demand any more than this,

as I'm the one who does not want the sexual side of things, and `no' I'm not `saving'

myself for the real thing, (how could anyone at this stage of the game), but I just

don't feel comfortable until there has been a lot more interaction and getting

to know each other first.  That's it.

Of course I have not put my life on hold, I belong to a couple of Singles groups

locally and still chat up the guys on the net, lol.

I tried, tried and tried again. Believe I make bad choices where men are concerned they may not be bad men, but bad for me. I don't think my life is on hold, I have plenty to do, and think I am happy at this place in my life.It should have been easy for me, I only have brothers and only have son and worked only with men.

Someone asked where are all the men. I've been wondering that myself. I grew up around a lot of women. I don't have any sisters but I do have a lot of female cousins that I'm close to. And we've always been open with each other. I tell them about my relationships and sex life and they tell me about there's. As a matter of fact, whenever I needed advice about females in general, they were the ones I ran to with questions. And I've always loved being around women more than being around dudes.....lol. A dude can't tell me anything about women, only another woman can....lol. Maybe some men aren't use to opening up to women....telling them their fears and asking questions. If any of the men read this I would tell them they have nothing to fear in opening up to a woman. Nothing to fear in asking women questions about relationships and sex. You'll get the best answers from women. I do have a question for all the ladies but I think I'm going to start a discussion on it. And it's related to some of the answers I've seen here. I'm just trying to think of a way to state the question without offending anyone.....lol.




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