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So close and yet so far away...

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gliding up the stairs
your body passes through mine
i reach, but you're gone
all the words of love
created in every tongue
are just not enough
carrion eaters
impatiently awaiting
"hell, let's kill something..."

Okay...who's for lunch?
we have them here too
ugly critters up real close
sure they don't think so

Happiness alights

Mind debates there could be more

Farewell butterfly

great to be happy....

welcomed treasure for our souls

wish every day was

Wonderful, PTB!

strewn across the floor
black blots on crumpled paper--
i wait for sunrise

when truth isn't truth

a dilemma manifests

for those who don't lie

peeling back the lie
to find beneath the surface
a terrified child

terrified children

without adequate guidance

can be dangerous

The perfect breakfast

Side by side sunny side up

I break one yoke DAMN

Haha! Culinary frustration for sure.




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